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Visual identification of the camp

Adventure Academy

What you hear, you forget; what you see, you remember; what you do, you understand. Materials for the adventure camps center.

Graphic Design / Illustration / Brand Strategy

Wroclove bridges
patterns from Wroclaw bridges

I've changed the history of the City of One Hundred Bridges into patterns and brought local patriotism into the world. I crowdfunded a business which sells backpacks with bridges as local symbols.

Graphic Design / Soft Goods Design / Industrial Design / Brand Strategy / Storytelling / Web Design / UX / UI

Poles to catch a colorful wind


Beauty and fragility. Magic bubbles are hidden in their simplicity. They catch the colours of the world and give them back in the form of a rainbow. They change every ordinary moment into fairy-tale scenery.

Product Design / Branding / Storytelling

Karen hilltribe
Website for the elephant sanctuary

Soon I will tell you how the process of creating this project looked like. Check out today the website I created with the Karen Tribe.

Web Design / Brand / Illustration

The brand for flour

Szczere Pole

What if the packaging could talk? The Frank Field team would surely tell the truth and only the truth!

Packaging Design / Communication Design / Illustration

Milky Way
An educational brand for milk

How to teach about nutritional values in a fun way? After studying the chemical structures of milk, it turned out that they resemble constellations of stars. It was obvious to call them the milky way!

Packaging Design / Communication Design / 3D Rendering





Hip Bags

Hip Bags

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