w mosty

Mimo dalekich podróży, kochamy to miasto jak żadne inne. Wrocławskie Mosty to kolekcja z historią – dla każdego, kto wiąże z nim równie wiele pięknych chwil, czuje jego magię i chce się nią dzielić!


We are passionate designers, but also travelers - that's why we want our backpacks to be of the highest quality, guaranteeing durability for years of adventures. The products of the Wrostory collection are completely produced in Poland. By buying them, you get a lifetime guarantee of quality, help you develop what is native and support the Polish economy!

Wroclaw's symbol. Every student knows it perfectly.
Yellow Zoo's companion. Complex, from the profile creates a delicate lace.

Although we do not notice it on a daily basis, it is beautiful in its minimalist form

Turquoise Love Bridge. It bends under the weight of all the oaths made on it in the name of eternal love

Connects the shores for the Wrocław bypass. Monumental and expressive, it turned into a brave zigzag

Urban backpack

Backpacks are tailor made for adventures and everyday challenges. Thanks to the laptop compartment and adjustable capacity, they combine the functions of an urban-must-have and a reliable companion for any spontaneous journeys.

One backpack

Poznaj naszą społeczność i ich sposoby na odkrywanie swojego miejsca na ziemi.