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In designing, I love what is invisible to the eyes - values ​​that help to navigate in life. Let me show you around my world!


In search of new perspectives


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Design Thinking about life path

with Bridges

We design products with a soul and a story. We've changed the history of the City of One Hundred Bridges into patterns and brought local patriotism into the world!

About us

My name is Gosia. A year ago, together with my boyfriend, we set off in the world in search of valuable knowledge, inspiration and projects that are worth sharing. Embark on an expedition with us!

Awaken creativity

We reveal the stories of our projects to inspire you with a creative approach to problems. We add enthusiasm to the imagination and unconventional thinking.

How we moved into

the Elephant Sanctuary

It's amazing when, while searching for a font for the project, you wonder if your client ... has a script? Get to know the first part of the story about the project that changed our view of the world.

Karen Hilltribe

How do real elephant whisperers live?

Visit the page we were able to create with them!

Get curious about the world

We share the curiosity of the world, which allows us to experience life as a child, with full absorption and concentration. Go beyond what we know, in search of a new perspective, a fuller picture of the world, problems and challenges.

Why have we became a workshop

which travels the world?

It is not without reason that our backpacks are our passion. Although we love Wrocław, we have long dreamed of embarking on the world and working remotely. What do travels teach us about designing and ... life?

Get inspired by our community

In every project, the greatest and most important are the people! Meet our community of unconventional ones and their ways to discover their place on the earth.


Japan, in search of new masters

What stories can meet you when you decide to travel to the edge of the world to deepen your knowledge of the secrets of your passion?

What's in travels is the most
is the most important?

Meet Marta and her story.
What conclusions do the years of adventures experienced in travels around the world bring? How has her approach changed, what has remained the same?

Learn awareness

Fabulous guides to creating dreams and a design approach to the path of life. We inspire to courage, broad view, understanding and ingenuity. 

Why is it worth to be a dreamer

And how to do it consciously?

Design thinking about your own life. How to design dreams that suit us, our needs and the real world?