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It is not without reason that our backpacks are our passion. Although we love Wrocław, we have long dreamed of embarking on the world and working remotely. What do travel teach us about designing and ... life?

Experience, knowledge and inspiration
build our thoughts

Apparently, the designer at work uses all the resources of images-memories of his head, inspirations and knowledge. You can only produce what you have absorbed. 

No matter how much we would be gifted with imagination, it's ours experiences which are its toolkit. Our head is only equipment and it depends on us what content we will fill it with. Any ideas come from nowhere - they are the result of our observations, experiences and the world that surrounds us.

Is it not so much more valuable to seek inspiration in the surrounding world, different cultures, art and projects that have a real influence on us? We feel their atmosphere, we meet creators, we derive from culture what is the juiciest.

We decided to check it and collect experience and inspiration from all corners of earth. Learn how people around the world create projects and places that teach, entertain and inspire. 

What is the real problem and what is the need of our comfortable society? What appeals to people all over the world and what they struggle with in everyday life? What can be designed better?

What does remote work give you?

The world from many perspectives

In this way, in January 2018, we took backpacks and set off into the world. The first stage of our journey was the increasingly popular digital nomadism. Every few weeks we changed our location - working remotely from different places in Asia, later Australia. After a few months of crossing, I noticed how distance and new environment pay attention to matters that previously only seemed obvious.

Going constantly to new places, I saw the world from many perspectives - through the eyes of people from different corners of the earth, their different history, values ​​and goals. Seeing so many versions of reality - I started to look for dependencies, causes and effects in things that had not even puzzled me before

How different roles do religion, hospitality, family and work play in different parts of the world? What makes people behave in such and no other way, what is happiness for them and what distresses them? How do the dreams of a man from the people of the Thai mountains, living in harmony with nature, and from a highly developed Singapore or Australia differ?

It's such a constant desire to ask "why?" Questions. Why does the world look the way it looks here? What influenced the society there is that, although we are so similar as people, we are so different. How their culture and mentality developed; What was the impact of history, climate and the environment? And what is most interesting, how it shaped us and in what direction is it going? What can the world look like in 10, 20, 30 years?

So many variables motivate to look for a common denominator to isolate what is most important and has shaped us and our reality. 

I've never been interested in so many things in my life - from history, psychology, to biology and geography. It is only when you see this diversity and feel its effects on your skin that comes to understand why all this is so important and necessary to better understand the world.

I think that for this curiosity and fresh perspective, traveling is really worth it. You can feel back like a child by arranging the facts into a new, complemented image of the world.

Digital nomadism

No more procrascination

I am amused by the saying "your home is where wifi connects automatically", but it actually is true. We are part of a digital generation whose technology and the internet are an integral part of life. People who keep all their universe in a cloud of data and a backpack full of memory of their devices.

Perhaps that is why it is so easy for us to give up permanent residence - everything that is most important is available at your fingertips - work, study, contacts with family and friends. This is an amazing time in the history of mankind, when for the first time a man, without big compromises, can be truly free.

Remote work, however, is not, as many might think, just a way for our bold generation to laze around and carefree exploring the world. Almost immediately after abandoning the old home routine - we began to feel a lot more involved in matters that matter most to us.

When we couldn't get into the vicious cycle of extending our responsibilities for the whole day (because there are so many new things to do and discover!), We were forced to work shorter, but much more focused and productive. After it, we had time to think and we came back filled with new insights.

From materialism to experimentalism

An independent lifestyle, has also forced us to one of the most beautiful changes in life - changes in the spirit that ensure regret free old age 🙂 When we are forced to compress all our physical goods into one backpack, we realize that materialism is only the result of our … boredom.

What is better than having things? Doing things! When we are not limited by the place and hard work time - the world begins to revolve around other people, achievements, challenges, experiences and adventures.

Also then our time at work takes on a completely different meaning. When you know that the work will not go only to pay the rent and buy a few completely unnecessary things - your time acquires a much higher and more satisfying value.

The most important are people

Local community

Deciding on such an expedition, we must be sure that we are able to have contact with others - traveling with a soul mate, using well-coordinated coworking spaces and establishing contacts with other travellers and local people. 

This is extremely important! I have noticed for many years that what I love the most about traveling (and life!) Are the people we meet on our way. These are friendships we make, stories we listen to and situations in which we can help and give something from ourselves. 

Without this element, instead of dreamed discovering the world, we can get stuck in a very sad place - loneliness, alienation and longing. If you want to opt for a remote job and travel around the world, forget for a moment about the visions of paradise beaches and wonderful rice terraces. 

„Dobrze widzi się tylko sercem. Najważniejsze jest niewidoczne dla oczu.” [footnote] tak, cytuję lisa 🙂 [/footnote]  To nie miejsca same w sobie sprawią, że wyjazd będzie niezapomniany. To ludzie, którzy te miejsca tworzą – to ich kultura, znajomości jakie nawiążemy i przygody jakie z nimi przeżyjemy.

We must be sure that we are a person who is not afraid to leave his social comfort zone and break the ice. This is not just an option. This is a critical element of life. It is ties and contacts with other people that make life, travel and work a beautiful experience, not a journey through loneliness. 

By being ready for change, you appreciate what you have

Despite the plans to leave, we loved our city. Wroclaw will forever have a special place in our heart - it all began there - studies, friendships and love.

I lived in a beautiful house in the market square, and in the room I had a wardrobe, which I made into ... my little studio. So everything really started in the closet. I always shared a room with another person, who often stole my heart with friendship. It really was unforgettable moments - and in some way it was also a journey.

Workshop in wardrobe

However, despite all the beautiful memories - I knew that I can not keep this place forever. I need to go forward, grow. I knew that my heart wants to know the world and such experiences are much more important than stability.

And you know what? I enjoyed it even more. I appreciated every moment in my beloved city, in a beloved closet, between flowers, books and a mass of hanging inspirations and sketches. Designing with the soul mate on the other side of the wardrobe door.

It is worth reminding that nothing is really ours - every little thing, situation, or even a person - is only borrowed for us from the world. We can not sit down without noticing how the situation gets out of control and what we thought was obvious, is suddenly gone. You have to hurry to love people and appreciate every moment spent with them. 

This is certainly what travels teach - as long as we would not stay in a specific place - we always know that it is only temporary. That we must make the most of the moment. On the one hand - it hurts, because by the fact that so many different places you start to call your home - you'll never stop missing. On the other hand - thanks to this feeling, every moment is unique - because you know that it will end soon. 

And I think it teaches something very important. Mindfulness. And it does not have to refer only to some special stage in life - travel or trips. It refers to all life, from beginning to end. 

Nothing is ours forever. So let's learn to appreciate it, to say goodbye to it one day without regret and with a pure heart.


You can travel in many ways, but not the distance indicates their size. It is important what they mean to us and what we want to get out of them.

For me, the most important are the experiences, friendships and inspirations we collect along the way. The curiosity that awakens in us again and makes us reflect. And a lot of ideas that we get from that.

If you have gone out into the world to fulfill your dreams and work remotely, share your experiences in the comments! We are happy to listen to what this adventure has brought to your life. 

And if you are faced with a decision to change - do not hesitate to ask, and we will gladly share our experiences 🙂



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