camp culture

One of my biggest dreams is to design my own fairy tale camps for children. I have been involved with all kinds of centres throughout my life to collect inspirations.   I spent one season at the camp in America, where I studied the western culture of camps and watched how the largest and oldest centres operate. They resemble small towns built to teach, develop and prepare children for adult life through a mass of new experiences. For my final degree I decided to combine all my knowledge and create visual identification system for one of our polish camp places.

Akademia Przygoda

Akademia Przygoda (ang. Academy Adventure) is an amazing polish camp place. It not only gives children fun, but through various experiences, teaches them values useful in the entire life. Its main slogan is the sentence uttered by Confucius – „I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” All attractions and adventures, thanks to scenarios and narratives chosen for them, build bonds, teach to overcome fears, teamwork and many other extremely important skills. I wanted to create unique materials which could enhance this values and give children something to remember these experiences.




indian art

I have chosen the art and culture of the Indians as the main inspiration. These wild tribes, thanks to their incredible closeness to nature, have developed a great sensitivity and understanding with the world. The atmosphere created by their work ideally suits the style of the camp, where nature as horses and elements, play a major role in all adventures.


The inspiration to create pictograms and other elements of identification were also petroglyphs. The technique of cutting drawings in the rock was used by ancient peoples to pass on information and beliefs.





The most important mission of the Adventure Academy’s camps is learning through experience. By performing various tasks, thanks to the narrative and scenarios accompanying games, children learn values that enrich not only their physical skills, but also their spirit.

Custom Font

To add identification a more camp character, I decided to create my own handwritten font, adding a childlike and friendly style to all materials.

ang. „I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” -Confucius


new skills

During the camp you can learn various skills through unique experiences. The construction of sky-high station is not only a walk in the crowns of trees, but also a lesson of division of roles, leadership and courage. The blindness’ march builds mutual trust, the swamp monster teaches how to overcome fears, and the construction of the raft mobilizes the whole group to cooperate.


sky-high station

the blindness march

building a raft

monster swamps

IN the herd



shared trail

the horse trail

Building relationship with horses consist of four steps. First one is observing the natural relationships in the herd. Then comes the time of understanding and playing from the ground. When partners understand how to communicate, it’s time for unity – working from  horseback for balance and subtle signals. The whole relationship is connected by checking trust in a shared adventure, which often ends with a bivouac! 

camp map


The Nature at the Academy plays a key role. All adventures and scenarios happen in its close environment. Classes include teaching of the subjugation of all elements – fire, wind, water and alive nature, enclosed in the form of trees, plants and animals. When creating the map of the center, it was necessary to create symbols reflecting these elements. 










Hip Bags

Hip Bags

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