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Wroclove Bridges

Creating local symbol

The main objective of our collection is spreading local patriotism and creating products related to Wroclaw’s stories. The city situated around one of the main Polish rivers is called “ The City of Bridges”, famous for the many incredibly beautiful constructions which are jewelry of Wroclaw. Therefore it came up in my mind the idea to use this symbols and create unique patterns using ornamental design of particular bridges, to give local people a product that will represent their beloved city.

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Bubble Sticks

Beauty and fragility. The magic of bubbles is great in its simplicity.They catch colors of the world and give them back as rainbows. They can make happy almost everybody and turn everyday moments into fairytale scene. 

When you love them, one of the best things you can do while travelling is to do huge soap bubbles exploring the world

Redesigning Sticks

That’s why the idea of redesigning bubble sticks came. Folding parts, easily fitting into your backpack are the perfect solution.

The whole bubble cord is also removable from sticks in case you need to use different one – for bigger or smaller bubbles.

Akademia Przygoda


camp culture

One of my biggest dreams is to design my own fairy tale farm with camps for children. I have been involved with all kinds of centers throughout my life, to take from them inspirations.   I spent my one vacation at a camp in America, where I studied  about the western culture of the camp and watched how the largest and oldest centers operate. They resemble small towns built to teach, develop and prepare children for adult life through a mass of new experiences. For my final degree I decided to combine all my knowledge and create visual identification system for one of our polish camp places.

Akademia przygoda

 Akademia Przygoda (ang. Academy Adventure) is an amazing polish camp place. It not only gives children fun, but through various experiences, teaches them values useful in the entire later life. Its main slogan is the sentence uttered by Confucius – “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” All attractions and adventures, thanks to scenarios and narratives chosen for them, build bonds, overcome fears, teach teamwork and many other extremely important skills. I wanted to create unique materials which could enchance this values and give children something to remember these experiences.




indian art

By fondness for nature and building relationships with animals, I have chosen the art and culture of the Indians as the main inspiration. These wild tribes, thanks to their incredible closeness to nature, have developed a great sensitivity and understanding with the world. The atmosphere created by their work ideally suits the style of the camp, where nature as horses and elements play a major role in all adventures.


The inspiration to create pictograms and other elements of identification were also petroglyphs. The technique of cutting drawings in the rock through its form simplifies the way that were used by ancient peoples by passing on information and beliefs.





The most important assumption of the Adventure Academy camps is learning through experience. By performing various tasks, thanks to the narrative and scenarios accompanying games, children learn values that enrich not only their physical skills, but also their spirit.

To add identification a more camp character, I decided to create my own handwritten font, adding a childlike and friendly style to all materials.

ang. “I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.” -Confucius


new skills

In the camps you can gain various skills that teach additional social skills. The construction of sky-high station is not only a walk in the crowns of trees, but also a study of the division of roles, leadership and courage. The blindness’ march builds mutual trust, the swamp monster teaches how to overcome fears, and the construction of the raft mobilizes the whole group to cooperate.


sky-high station

the blindness march

building a raft

swampy monster

to the herd



shared trail

the horse trail

Building relationships with horses looks four-degree – first by observing the natural relationships in the herd. Then comes the time of understanding and playing from the earth. When partners understand how to communicate, it’s time for unity – working from a horse for balance and subtle signals. The whole relationship is connected with checking trust in the field and a common adventure, which often ends with a bivouac! 

camp map


Nature at the Academy Adventure plays a key role. All adventures and scenarios happen in its immediate environment. Classes include the teaching of the subjugation of all elements – fire, wind, water and alive nature – our Earth, enclosed in the form of trees, plants and animals. When creating the map of the center, it was necessary to create icons reflecting these elements.







Biomelk Way

Design Brief

The mission was to create brand for company producing fresh, unmanufactured, ecological milk. “Biomelk- the internal quality” was the slogan of the brand – we had to focus on natural value of fresh milk, encouraging young people from big agglomeration and children to drink it. Avoiding traditional images of “eco” design, we had to create outstanding corporate identity.

Case Study

The first concept was to show “milk-roentgen” to educate people about the nutrients contained in fresh milk. In view of the increasing criticism of dairy products, I wanted to enhance the health content of milk, by showing it as a real chemical molecules.

Final Idea

After studying the chemical structures of milk it turned out that they resemble star’s constellations. After that, it was obvious to call them the Milky Way! Adults and children can learn about the nutritional value of milk, tracing milk constellations of our product.

Szczere Pole

flour packaging

What if packaging could talk to us? How they could be? For sure our Szczere Pole’s team, would say only the truth! (literally ang. Frank Field – polish idiom, which means “in the middle of nowhere”) 

Packaging and branding system for cornmeal, “00” wheat flour, rye flour and chickpea flour.

flour stickers

To extend the lives of our heroes and add extra value to them, they found themselves on stickers attached to paper flour packaging. After milling, they are indistinguishable, so pouring flour into other containers, you can mark them with Szczere Pole’s team!

rye flour

The narration on packaging is a word game of many Polish idioms. Characters use well-known proverbs related to food in their literal meaning to express their feelings jokingly.

chickpea flour

Perversely used expressions combined with joyful brand heroes create a homey and unimpressed atmosphere. In the end, everyone can bake something from them at home, without exaggerated skills.

corn flour

Ultimately, the characters could assist in culinary films, discovering new flour applications and new, surprising recipes.

"oo" wheat flour

Let them carry some favorite Polish irony and sarcasm to our kitchens. In the end, there is nothing to cry over spilled milk! : D Thanks from the mountain!