My name is Gosia Lechów and for past two years I was working on my brand and as a freelancer. Now I strive to have a team to work with and solve problems together. I would be delighted to join your creative team!

Professional Experience

The journey I made.

2017 - Present


Currently I am working as a freelancer, creating projects for polish and Melbourne based clients. I also do a lot of self-initiated projects, like the one for the Elephant Sanctuary.
Graphic  / Web Design / Brand / Art Direction / Illustration / Animation

2017- Present

I crowdfunded a business which sells my backpacks with patterns made from local bridges which are symbol of my city. The backpacks are part of a storytelling project of our travels, community and values. 

Graphic Design / Soft Goods Design / Textile Design / Production Managing / Brand Strategy / Photography / Marketing / UX / Web Design / WordPress / Storytelling

2015 - 2018


I worked as a graphic and web designer, creating projects for business, governmental and administrative clients. I designed publications in form of books and booklets, as well as websites for social economy projects.
Graphic Design / Screen printing / Editorial / Web Design

Design Education


Bachelor of Design

of Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design.

I graduated with a specialization in Visual Communication. My graduation project was visual identification and materials for an adventure camp centre (Akademia Przygoda) .

Graphic / Product / Communication / Packaging / Branding / Editorial Design


Photoshop 95%
Illustrator 90%
InDesign 90%
WordPress 80%
AfterEffects 50%
Lightroom 80%
Rhinocentrus (3d modeling) 80%
Html & CSS 60%

Other Skills

Brand strategy

I expand my knowledge and experience attending lot of conferences and getting engaged in self-initiated projects. 

In 2017  I attended a course of Image Communication on University of Wroclaw as a free listener, learning about branding and brand strategy. 

I am passionate strategic thinker – not seeing design as a outer layer, but a tool to translate very comprehensive ideas and structures into understandable and organised form. 

Brand Strategy / Branding / Marketing / Communication Design

Teaching through storytelling

I treat design projects more like writing a book – I love creating a story and the world in which I want to immerse user and create experiences. 

That’s what also Narny.World is about. Apart from backpacks, I want to tell stories which educate, inspire and create community.

fairy tale Neuropsychology

The latest side project I am working on now is a guide about how our brains function told through fairy tale storytelling. I am very passionate about cognitive psychology and neuropsychology, so I took a challenge of illustrating different brain systems as imagined characters – which are the main characters leading the Narny.World story.

I love doing comprehensive research before starting a project – digging to the deepest depths of a design problem. 

Storytelling / Illustration / Communication Design / Research

Research for a project


Feel free to contact me at any time! I would love to hear about the design challenges that you have and talk about how I could help your team in solving them.







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