flour packaging

What if packaging could talk to us? How they could be? For sure our Szczere Pole’s team, would say only the truth! (literally ang. Frank Field – polish idiom, which means „in the middle of nowhere”) 

Packaging and branding system for cornmeal, „00” wheat flour, rye flour and chickpea flour.

flour stickers

To extend the lives of our heroes and add extra value to them, they found themselves on stickers attached to paper flour packaging. After milling, they are indistinguishable, so pouring flour into other containers, you can mark them with Szczere Pole’s team!

rye flour

The narration on packaging is a word game of many Polish idioms. Characters use well-known proverbs related to food in their literal meaning to express their feelings jokingly.

chickpea flour

Perversely used expressions combined with joyful brand heroes create a homey and unimpressed atmosphere. In the end, everyone can bake something from them at home, without exaggerated skills.

corn flour

Ultimately, the characters could assist in culinary films, discovering new flour applications and new, surprising recipes.

"oo" wheat flour

Let them carry some favorite Polish irony and sarcasm to our kitchens. In the end, there is nothing to cry over spilled milk! : D Thanks from the mountain!







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