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Gosia & Zibi

Dear sailors!

We are Gosia Lechów and Zbigniew Majewski, a traveling couple from Poland, currently living in Indonesia, Bali. Until 12 July we are looking for a sailing opportunity on an yacht heading to…


About us

Our journey

Since January we already visited Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Australia is our dream final destination where we would like to settle down.

Sailing experience

We have a bit of experience in sailing as Gosia’s family has a sailboat which we used to sail on a lake. She also has experience as a instructor on sailing camps for children.


We are hard working, sociable, responsible and trustworthy. We are also good listeners, keen to make new friendships and learn new things. We both speak Polish and English

Where are we?

Our story

About Gosia

I I am a graphic and product designer, running my traveling design studio Narny.World. Since childchood very passionate about sailing and horseriding. I love spending my holidays teaching this skills on summer camps. I am very empathic and social, but also respectful and keen to learn new things!

Our Cuisine

Gosia loves cooking, although we don't have any diet - we can eat anything you like 🙂

Boarding location

Despite the current location, we can reach any destination within Indonesia.

Sharing expenses

We are keen to contribute towards agreed expenses.

I am a passionate programmer, however always very into sports. Disciplined and motivated but also very sociable and talkative. I’m not too experienced in sailing, but I’m a good listener and very excited to gain some new skills!

Our story

About Zibi

Why sailing?

Sailing on an open sea is definitely one of our dream adventures. The hard work and massive amount of challenges which is connected to, makes it even more exciting! We want to listen to sailors’ stories, experience sleepless nights on the watch and feel the Wind!

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whatsapp: + 48 796 261 730